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Posted on 09/13/2014

Escort Service Employment Opportunities with one of the oldest, SAFEST Escort Agencies in the business for 30 years ladies.

You've probably seen our ads or 136 websites on the Internet. Our standards are legendary in the industry and our SAFETY is UNparalleled anywhere-anyplace-anytime by anyone. We're the ONLY escort agency that REALLY SCREENS Clients and we'll prove it. you simply cannot "screen" by an email or the phone. Jesus how stupid do they think you girls are today? WE even hide your face!

At Fantasys we promise you NO fluid exchange so you're health isn't at risk in any way either. The rest? NOPE! You represent a bank deposit to our "peers" (thats a joke-WE are peerless!). At Fantasys we mentor prospective partners. That's why these girls stay with us more than 5 years. Our challenge here isn't safety, clients, money, anything like that. OUR challenge is finding WORTHY girls to work with. No kidding. Chunky? Excessive tattoos? Prescription narcotics? Pothead or another dumbass drunk? Keep dreaming loser. If you're the opposite of those things I want to hear from you! Apply at the link below. Please, no emails.

Fantasys Escort Services are everywhere! Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, New Mexico, DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia & North Dakota soon! Apply at Fantasys

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