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Ridiculously hot and world famous porn star Chasey Lain, born Tiffany Anne Jones, started her career as a stripper until she was convinced she could make a living in adult films, which may have had something to do with the boatloads of money available as opposed to the slightly greasy dollar bills she was pulling in as a dancer.. She became one of porn’s biggest names and has crossed over into mainstream films like Orgazmo, He Got Game and Demon Knight (we never said she was in good movies), as well as showing up in the BloodHound Gang’s song “The Ballad of Chasey Lain,” something even Ron Jeremy hasn’t pulled off yet which is probably for the best. She even directs movies and has started her own production company meaning not only is she intensely hot and obviously skilled at what she does, but she’s versatile, multi-faceted and intelligent. Plus she has a killer rack.

Measuring 36D-23-34 and having appeared in close to 100 films, Chasey has received several AVN awards for her work and has reached the level of fame that only a select few porn stars like Jenna Jameson or Nina Hartley ever get to.. And in case you didn’t know, she works as an escort. All things considered, it’s best to be a real Chasey Lain fan before you even consider hiring her as your date for an evening, as the $1650 per hour that her time will set you back is a pretty intense investment. You’re paying for star power here, that’s for sure. In return, however, you’ll be forever able to say “I fucked Chasey Lain.” And for that price, you may as well get it printed on a T-shirt so you can advertise to friends, family and complete strangers and possibly go out and record it so it can be your ring tone while you’re at it.

For $1650, Chasey provides a full service experience (condoms required, of course). Reviews say she puts her all into what she does and many say she goes above and beyond. Some tongue kissing, some Greek, and an intense ride you’d expect from one of the biggest porn stars in the world

Chasey works through the agency Body Miracle and can be contacted through them should you happen to have a wad of cash sitting around and the desire to pretty much trump any sex story any buddy has ever told you or ever will. If the average escort experience isn’t doing it for you, or you’re looking for an experience unlike anything you’ve ever imagined, a trip to the escort hall of fame could quite possibly be what you’re looking for.


Chasey is super hot, but

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Chasey is super hot, but considering my "hobby" activities are under the radar, I would never be able to brag to any of my friends - "I fucked Chasey Lane".  Therefore, I will take my $1650, spend $250 on a quality provider in Atlanta and still have $1400 that I can use for a 47" LCD TV, some Chasey Lane DVDs and a box of popcorn....Just My $0.02.