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  • Cowboys
    Cowboys got a review! (14 hours 38 min ago)
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    53 reviews »
    Went to cowboys last around 11 pm actually lots of girls in there for a Tuesday night was at the bar for about 5 seconds and a dancer came up and introduced herself. Read more
  • Toy Chest Bar & Grille
    Toy Chest Bar & Grille got a review! (19 hours 41 min ago)
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    35 reviews »
    Been there a few times starting back in Feb, never had a bad time. I have seen several of the girls and got great mileage every time. I do call to make sure certain ... Read more
  • Tini Bikinis
    Tini Bikinis got a review! (20 hours 2 min ago)
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    6 reviews »
    This place is fun; a bit of dive, but it is fun. There are plenty of dollar-dances, and they do not skimp on the full songs. Read more
  • Brad's Brass Flamingo
    Brad's Brass Flamingo got a review! (20 hours 3 min ago)
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    78 reviews »
    I went there in the mid-afternoon. It was a blast, and just a hint - If you go when it is dead, the girls are just more fun. Read more
  • Visions
    Visions got a review! (20 hours 46 min ago)
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    7 reviews »
    I been hearing bad things about this club so I decided to check it out for myself. Went on Sunday night about 10pm. Must say this Club layout sucks. Parking is adequate. ... Read more
  • Larry Flynt's Hustler Club - Detroit
    Larry Flynt's Hustler Club - Detroit got a review! (21 hours 25 min ago)
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    13 reviews »
    I have not been to this place when it was in its glory days for over a year. Decided to pass by on a Tuesday when they had $2 drink specials. I paid $20 to go upstairs ... Read more
  • St James Cabaret
    St James Cabaret got a review! (21 hours 41 min ago)
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    7 reviews »
    I come here all the time during lunch. They have a mini filet mignonette special I think on Tuesday. Most of the girls here are natural breasted. I don't like plastic. Read more
  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox got a review! (1 day 14 hours ago)
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    50 reviews »
    I went to a crappy strip club and left after fifteen minutes. As I was driving around and remembered people talking about this place so I walked in to see what was up. Read more
  • Players Club
    Players Club got a review! (1 day 22 hours ago)
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    23 reviews »
    A friend of mine is a regular and suggested I visit with him. I will admit that it may have been more difficult had I gone in blind and been recommended. Read more
  • PT's Showclub
    PT's Showclub got a review! (2 days 16 hours ago)
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    24 reviews »
    I hadn't been to PT's in quite a while and found myself there on a very slow Sunday Night. There were few customers and I didn't stay too long, but they had at least 7 ... Read more
  • California Girls
    California Girls got a review! (2 days 19 hours ago)
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    4 reviews »
    I agree with the previous review. It is cheap to get in, and you always fine 1 or 2 girls that are absolutely gorgeous. Wait for the 2 for 1 before you get a lap dance. Read more
  • Green Light Lounge
    Green Light Lounge got a review! (2 days 19 hours ago)
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    15 reviews »
    Went on a Friday night about 1. The place was full of low class dancers and customer. Would not return. Read more
  • Flight Club
    Flight Club got a review! (2 days 20 hours ago)
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    25 reviews »
    Hadn't been to this club in several years (long before the Casino addition). $7 Valet, $10 Entrance Fee, $8.50 beer. $30 and I just sat down. No wonder I visit clubs ... Read more
  • Platinum Plus
    Platinum Plus got a review! (2 days 22 hours ago)
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    10 reviews »
    Terrible Awful Time. Platinum plus has seem better days are in the past. Terrible smoke smell that last in clothes. Read more
  • Club 390
    Club 390 got a review! (2 days 22 hours ago)
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    12 reviews »
    Traveling to Chicago and decided to try Club 390. The place was kinda out of the way but extremely nice on the inside. I sat down, had a drink and tucked a few ... Read more
  • Night Trips
    Night Trips got a review! (3 days 17 hours ago)
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    6 reviews »
    I've been here 4 times and the inconsistency is killing me. One weekday night there were about 25 girls, other nights there are about 15. Here is the problem. The ... Read more
  • 2001 Odyssey
    2001 Odyssey got a review! (3 days 22 hours ago)
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    26 reviews »
    Pretty decent club, very nice girls. No alcohol here. The private rooms are in the back and truly private. For a strip club, the music selection is pretty good. There ... Read more
  • Bare Assets
    Bare Assets got a review! (3 days 22 hours ago)
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    15 reviews »
    A fantastic place for your first strip club. Girls are easily a 9/10 every time. The club is clean. For a nude private dance, $40, or for a public topless dance $25. Read more
  • Red Parrot
    Red Parrot got a review! (4 days 21 hours ago)
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    4 reviews »
    Friday afternoon (2pm) and only a few guys were in the club, no one on stage. S**** a smoking hot Hispanic with 36 DD's came up to me and talked for a bit till my eyes ... Read more
  • Palazio
    Palazio got a review! (4 days 22 hours ago)
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    4 reviews »
    I went by on a Friday night. The place was packed. Cover charge was $12. The place is upscale very well decorated. The women were gorgeous. There wasn't anyone there ... Read more
  • Hot Bodies Mens Club
    Hot Bodies Mens Club got a review! (4 days 22 hours ago)
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    4 reviews »
    I guess my standards are a little higher than the other reviewers that I read. I agree the place was seedy and rather run down but I disagree on the girls – at least ... Read more
  • Bottoms Up
    Bottoms Up got a review! (5 days 20 hours ago)
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    50 reviews »
    I had read about Bottoms Up on here for a while and decided to give it a shot. The girls are in quite a range from 9 to about 4 on the stripper scale. There was a lot ... Read more
  • Déjà Vu Showgirls - Lexington
    Déjà Vu Showgirls - Lexington got a review! (5 days 21 hours ago)
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    13 reviews »
    Went there a few weeks ago. There were about 4 girls working. They were nice looking but one girl caught my eye who had a nice big rack. We went back for a private ... Read more
  • Coliseum
    Coliseum got a review! (5 days 21 hours ago)
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    51 reviews »
    Had some time to kill today and made a stop at The Coliseum. Ordered a beer, only $4 so that got things started off well. Got approached at the bar by Macey, cute ... Read more
  • Olympic Garden
    Olympic Garden got a review! (5 days 21 hours ago)
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    10 reviews »
    I have been checking out the Strip clubs which a great many of us single guys do and have stumbled on a Gem. The OG is not fancy, but the staff is pleasant and they ... Read more
  • Dreamers
    Dreamers got a review! (5 days 22 hours ago)
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    1 review »
    I thought it would be a crappy dive but I have to say, the girls were pretty hot and they seemed nice and friendly. I would go back. The girls remind me of literally the ... Read more
  • Spearmint Rhino - Lexington
    Spearmint Rhino - Lexington got a review! (5 days 22 hours ago)
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    28 reviews »
    Stopped in on my lunch break had a few beers not very many girls were working at the time but the place seemed to be nicer than some of the others. Read more
  • Larry's Villa
    Larry's Villa got a review! (6 days 17 hours ago)
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    3 reviews »
    I should have listened to the two other reviews, but since I live in Vegas and it is in my neighborhood, I just had to check it out. If you are looking for a nice ... Read more
  • Sherrie's Show Bar
    Sherrie's Show Bar got a review! (6 days 20 hours ago)
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    2 reviews »
    I used to go here all the time, it has always been a bit of a dive, but that's what gave it charm. The girls were okay, some were better then others some not so good. ... Read more
  • Pleasers Adult Entertainment
    Pleasers Adult Entertainment got a review! (1 week 14 hours ago)
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    3 reviews »
    This club is hood. Do not visit if you are hoping for something fancy. The dancers are 5 dollars. The drinks are average price. The girls vary in shapes and sizes. The ... Read more
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