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  • Sun Asian Spa
    Sun Asian Spa got a review! (2 weeks 2 days ago)
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    33 reviews »
    Have been to Sun Spa a couple of times over the past year. Have always left happy. Went there Fri around noon and after paying the $80 entrance fee and going to the nice ... Read more
  • Revitalize Spa
    Revitalize Spa got a review! (3 weeks 2 days ago)
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    3 reviews »
    Went back to check out a new girl I saw advertised at Revitalize spa, she goes by the name of Phoenix, she is a curvy little brunette, very friendly and accomaodating, I ... Read more
  • Bodyworks
    Bodyworks got a review! (4 weeks 3 days ago)
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    5 reviews »
    I was on vacation so I said lets give it try. What a waste of money, man I tell you what. Nadia she was a granny. An ok look with a nice boobs and the other girls have ... Read more
  • Asian Massage
    Asian Massage got a review! (7 weeks 6 days ago)
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    8 reviews »
    I've been to this place a few time but I am done trying. They are very dishonest with there description of the girls. The girls at this place are old and terrible and to ... Read more
  • Jade Massage
    Jade Massage got a review! (11 weeks 14 hours ago)
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    13 reviews »
    I went for massage and had to wait a few minutes due to the crowd. As usual the massage was excellent and Annie was the attendant. Her extra service was also ... Read more
  • Japan Sauna
    Japan Sauna got a review! (12 weeks 3 days ago)
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    6 reviews »
    Walked in and was met by Mamasan. She took me to the room and took my 80 bucks. It was kinda better than I expected from all the reviews The provider had an ok face and ... Read more
  • Jamie's Aromatherapy
    Jamie's Aromatherapy got a review! (18 weeks 6 days ago)
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    1 review »
    Gave Jamie's a try on a Friday at about noon. Parking and entrance were in the back and very private. The driveway is easy to miss if you aren't looking for it but not a ... Read more
  • Beyond 2005 Spa
    Beyond 2005 Spa got a review! (32 weeks 3 days ago)
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    17 reviews »
    Usual arrival, pay the mamasan and get led back to the room. The room is one of the nicest that's for sure. I thought there would be several girls to choose from, but ... Read more
  • Massage Envy
    Massage Envy got a review! (36 weeks 14 hours ago)
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    2 reviews »
    I received a trip here as a "gift" and almost didn't go. While I appreciate a good massage, I have come to expect extra services with my rub down and find that I leave ... Read more
  • Star Sauna
    Star Sauna got a review! (43 weeks 2 days ago)
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    12 reviews »
    Stopped in the other night, first time ever there was more than one car there so maybe that is why I got the "new girl". Read more
  • New Massage Center
    New Massage Center got a review! (43 weeks 5 days ago)
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    3 reviews »
    I can't remember her name, I believe she is the only one there. really good massage. extra$$$ = good session. Could get more for less elsewhere, but I'll go back cuz I ... Read more
  • VIP Sauna
    VIP Sauna got a review! (1 year 3 weeks ago)
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    3 reviews »
    To complete my tour of Bradenton FS AMP's, I sought out VIP Spa based on the light number of reviews here plus the notion that service would have to be similar to the ... Read more
  • The Healing Touch
    The Healing Touch got a review! (1 year 17 weeks ago)
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    9 reviews »
    My first visit to one of these left me pretty disappointed. No privacy whatsoever like the other reviews tell on Read more
  • Spring Forest Massage
    Spring Forest Massage got a review! (1 year 27 weeks ago)
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    3 reviews »
    I was there soon after they started running ads on BP. OK massage. The attendant seemed to be there alone. She was a little older, but reasonably attractive. Not much ... Read more
  • Massage Therapy Connections
    Massage Therapy Connections got a review! (1 year 48 weeks ago)
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    2 reviews »
    If you are looking for an excellent by the books massage, this is a good place. I had a deep tissue session that addressed my needs. No hint of extras, but that would ... Read more
  • Cristobal's Massage
    Cristobal's Massage profile was updated! (2 years 22 weeks ago)
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    0 reviews »
  • The Little Day Spa
    The Little Day Spa profile was posted! (2 years 30 weeks ago)
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    0 reviews »
  • Abundant Life Massage
    Abundant Life Massage profile was posted! (2 years 36 weeks ago)
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    0 reviews »
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