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  • Henry VIII - South
    Henry VIII - South got a review! (2 hours 28 min ago)
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    33 reviews »
    I was there about 2 months ago for a bachelor party. The doorman was wasted, so we were all able to skip the door cover fee, which was a 20, because one of our friends ... Read more
  • Flight Club
    Flight Club got a review! (20 hours 46 min ago)
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    27 reviews »
    The layout of this club has been described previously. For the most part the dancers are young and fit although there are some exceptions who are on the curvy end of ... Read more
  • Coliseum
    Coliseum got a review! (5 days 22 hours ago)
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    52 reviews »
    I made a return trip here 2 months after my first visit, this time on a Wednesday afternoon before a Tigers game. Talent not quite up to par with night shift, but a few ... Read more
  • Toy Chest Bar & Grille
    Toy Chest Bar & Grille got a review! (1 week 1 hour ago)
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    35 reviews »
    Been there a few times starting back in Feb, never had a bad time. I have seen several of the girls and got great mileage every time. I do call to make sure certain ... Read more
  • Larry Flynt's Hustler Club - Detroit
    Larry Flynt's Hustler Club - Detroit got a review! (1 week 3 hours ago)
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    13 reviews »
    I have not been to this place when it was in its glory days for over a year. Decided to pass by on a Tuesday when they had $2 drink specials. I paid $20 to go upstairs ... Read more
  • Players Club
    Players Club got a review! (1 week 1 day ago)
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    23 reviews »
    A friend of mine is a regular and suggested I visit with him. I will admit that it may have been more difficult had I gone in blind and been recommended. Read more
  • The Silver Criket
    The Silver Criket got a review! (2 weeks 5 days ago)
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    10 reviews »
    OK, I finally made it in here after hearing a lot of positive things about the place. Went in on a Wednesday afternoon about 5:00. The good: My first impressions ... Read more
  • Trumpps Gentleman's Club
    Trumpps Gentleman's Club got a review! (2 weeks 6 days ago)
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    13 reviews »
    It’s been years since I ventured into this club, which I did on Tuesday and Wednesday late afternoon this week. Compared to other Detroit clubs, it was barren. The ... Read more
  • Landing Strip
    Landing Strip got a review! (4 weeks 22 hours ago)
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    11 reviews »
    Went a few weeks ago. You cannot miss this place, it is near the Gibraltar Trade Center. Surprisingly a nice place inside, the girls were beautiful. Standard rates for a ... Read more
  • Bouzouki Club
    Bouzouki Club got a review! (4 weeks 2 days ago)
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    12 reviews »
    Each year i go down to the casinos then to Bouzoukis after. The last time i went was in January and the place had improved from the last time I went, my only complaint ... Read more
  • Henry the VIII - Inkster
    Henry the VIII - Inkster got a review! (5 weeks 1 hour ago)
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    30 reviews »
    I went there on a Monday, $10 dances all day and night. The girls are hit and miss, mostly miss but there are a few in the crowd you can have a lot of fun with. Read more
  • Score's Gentleman's Club
    Score's Gentleman's Club got a review! (5 weeks 1 day ago)
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    3 reviews »
    I finally made the trip to check out Scores. I stopped in on a Saturday about 2:00 pm to grab some lunch and check the place out as I noticed quite a few vehicles in the ... Read more
  • John's Hot Spot
    John's Hot Spot got a review! (5 weeks 1 day ago)
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    14 reviews »
    Selection was slim, not much going on. Only two good looking girls that I could see, all whom were too busy hanging out in the back rooms. Read for more. Read more
  • Bogart's Lounge
    Bogart's Lounge got a review! (5 weeks 1 day ago)
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    61 reviews »
    A friend and I decided to checkout Bogart's after reading a few reviews. Girl selection was alright to say the least. We did find the girls pretty forward. Premium ... Read more
  • BT'S Executive Club
    BT'S Executive Club got a review! (5 weeks 5 days ago)
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    30 reviews »
    I was at BT's for back to back nights the last week of Feb. the first night I mingled with Several of the girls and just had a relaxing night. Night two was oh so much ... Read more
  • The Penthouse Club - Detroit
    The Penthouse Club - Detroit got a review! (6 weeks 3 days ago)
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    38 reviews »
    This place is probably my favorite with Players being a close second. I stopped in a couple of weeks ago and saw a lot of familiar faces. To my surprise there were were ... Read more
  • Tycoons
    Tycoons got a review! (6 weeks 6 days ago)
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    25 reviews »
    Cold, windy snowy afternoon. Decided to go to Tycoon's. Needless to say, looked pretty bleak with only 2 dancers. Ready to get the HE double toothpicks outta here. ... Read more
  • Club Venus
    Club Venus got a review! (8 weeks 4 days ago)
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    9 reviews »
    Tried Club Venus since it was on my way. 6pm. 7 dancers: The usual selection of BBW, although there was a really hot AA (. She must clean up here. Never got a chance to ... Read more
  • La Chambre
    La Chambre got a review! (9 weeks 23 hours ago)
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    18 reviews »
    I got the cold shoulder from everyone. I smiled. I gave some of them my attention and tipped them while on stage. In one hour, no one even had it in them to say ... Read more
  • Chapeau Vert Lounge
    Chapeau Vert Lounge got a review! (9 weeks 1 day ago)
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    9 reviews »
    This place is crazy, It is like a small neighborhood bar with strippers. Big out of shape strippers. Still a fun place on a budget. Read more
  • Déjà Vu Showgirls - Highland Park
    Déjà Vu Showgirls - Highland Park got a review! (10 weeks 4 days ago)
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    5 reviews »
    Its not in the safest part of town but I never had a problem here. Parking Lot has security and is very well lit. Recently they Charged me 15 dollars for parking plus 15 ... Read more
  • Subi's Place
    Subi's Place got a review! (10 weeks 6 days ago)
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    13 reviews »
    I went in after the big game that also happened to be a big let-down. Went in for a few drinks, ended up with a few dances. Read more
  • Traffic Light
    Traffic Light got a review! (11 weeks 1 day ago)
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    20 reviews »
    The dances are a bit pricey at this place since there is no VIP section. The girls Are nice...there a great looking girls and there are not so great looking girls. ... Read more
  • Sunset Strip Lounge
    Sunset Strip Lounge got a review! (12 weeks 6 days ago)
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    4 reviews »
    This is not your average club , its clean & grimy all at the same ! Haven't been in while since the game changed to a young man's game, but this club stays ... Read more
  • Bev's Backstreet Lounge
    Bev's Backstreet Lounge got a review! (13 weeks 3 days ago)
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    2 reviews »
    This place is really tucked away from everything and has a gated lot and metal detectors as you walk in. It is usually black women(6's and 7's) and mostly black patrons, ... Read more
  • Potters Gentlemen's Club
    Potters Gentlemen's Club got a review! (14 weeks 2 hours ago)
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    2 reviews »
    Was on my way back from visiting some people in the area and decided to stop in just to check it out. Just like any place some of the dancers were good, some were just ... Read more
  • Hot Tamales
    Hot Tamales got a review! (14 weeks 4 days ago)
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    4 reviews »
    I've been here a few times during the early shift and during the night shift and honestly night shift is definitely better. The dancers are nice and waitresses are ... Read more
  • Crestwood Lounge
    Crestwood Lounge got a review! (16 weeks 3 days ago)
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    4 reviews »
    Went to the bar with a buddy of mine after a long day at work. Didn't know it was on this site. It is NOT a strip club. Nothing remotely like it. Hooters on steroids ... Read more
  • Centerfold Lounge
    Centerfold Lounge got a review! (20 weeks 2 days ago)
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    9 reviews »
    OK, I have been to the Centerfold Lounge a few times in the past months and this will be my third review. Centerfold's is a fairly small club, with one main stage and ... Read more
  • Pantheon Club
    Pantheon Club got a review! (23 weeks 3 days ago)
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    1 review »
    OK, I haven't been to the Pantheon Lounge in a long time. It still looks pretty much the same and this is my first review, since I have been back. Pantheon's is a ... Read more

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