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  • Danni - Sexy CMT
    Danni - Sexy CMT got a review! (3 days 1 hour ago)
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    8 reviews »
    Saw her ad in Backpage and visited her website. Emailed back an forth a few times and got appointment. Set. Met at nice hotel, 2-call system and got room number. Opened ... Read more
  • Green & King Masage
    Green & King Masage got a review! (3 days 5 hours ago)
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    10 reviews »
    Average looking Chinese girls in t-shirt and blue jeans with poor English abilities. Good massage technique, comfortable room. There's nothing illegal happening here, ... Read more
  • Chinese Therapeutic Massage
    Chinese Therapeutic Massage got a review! (4 weeks 6 days ago)
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    17 reviews »
    Went on a Wednesday around 5. Nice attractive lady, and will be going back. Very nice lady there even though her English was a bit hard to understand. Read more
  • Asian Massage
    Asian Massage got a review! (7 weeks 4 hours ago)
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    9 reviews »
    This spa is in a very busy shopping mall, but is really serene inside. The front has chairs for foot massage (a specialty) and there are four booths in the back. ... Read more
  • Balance Point Spa
    Balance Point Spa got a review! (8 weeks 3 days ago)
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    5 reviews »
    The place was a lot like the AMPs in Nashville, with mid 30ish girls working there. She wasn't hot but wasn't ugly either. Very professional and not into playing ... Read more
  • Healthy Massage
    Healthy Massage got a review! (9 weeks 5 days ago)
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    4 reviews »
    Ok massage, everything on the table you want. The bad thing is this place got shut down. I thought it had to be coming soon with the services they offered. Read more
  • ABC Massage Spa  (Reported as Closed)
    ABC Massage Spa (Reported as Closed) got a review! (10 weeks 3 days ago)
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    13 reviews »
    I have tried several other AMP's but was looking for a better experience. After reading all the reviews on Sophie, I finally caught her working and scheduled an ... Read more
  • Crest Spaahh
    Crest Spaahh got a review! (12 weeks 2 days ago)
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    1 review »
    Nashville is now full of AMPs and I have visited all but a couple. So take my word for it, this is the classiest joint in town. Right across from the Green Hills Mall, ... Read more
  • Magic Massage
    Magic Massage got a review! (12 weeks 6 days ago)
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    13 reviews »
    first visit was nice time, good attitude and talkative. got a good vibe from my masseuse and i could tell she enjoyed her job and was not rushed at all. second time not ... Read more
  • Golden Massage (Reported as Closed)
    Golden Massage (Reported as Closed) got a review! (15 weeks 1 day ago)
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    11 reviews »
    I walked in no appointment was met by a nice lady it was a clean place and quite very relaxing. The same as all nice places. Read more
  • AAC Chinese Therapeutic Massage
    AAC Chinese Therapeutic Massage got a review! (15 weeks 4 days ago)
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    7 reviews »
    I walked in and the place was nice and clean. I was greeted by Angela and led to my room. she gave a great massage and was very enjoyable. Read more
  • Lee Spa- Reported Closed
    Lee Spa- Reported Closed got a review! (24 weeks 1 day ago)
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    13 reviews »
    Went a couple if months ago just never got around to posting. Not a bad experience, straight to business. The massage was not very good, but the girl was easy to deal ... Read more
  • Your Therapy
    Your Therapy got a review! (30 weeks 6 days ago)
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    3 reviews »
    It was a while back but I booked a session with Kendra and showed up at the place (they give you the address). It was a nice cozy incall it gave you the amp feeling. ... Read more
  • Chinese Massage West End
    Chinese Massage West End got a review! (36 weeks 2 days ago)
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    5 reviews »
    This place is about as upscale and centrally located in Nashville as possible on West End just a block down from Vanderbilt University. It's a small place in a strip ... Read more
  • Sunny Massage
    Sunny Massage got a review! (38 weeks 5 days ago)
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    12 reviews »
    I was road weary due to my long drive from Florida. I stopped in to blow off some steam and to get some kinks worked out of my back. Great massage, clean place. Lady ... Read more
  • Sophia Angelo
    Sophia Angelo posted an ad! (43 weeks 5 days ago)
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    1 review »
    I teach The Authentic Holistic Tantra after sensual & sexual healing for myself. I teach when I am in town only. You may email me at: or ... Read more
  • Healing Touch
    Healing Touch got a review! (47 weeks 5 days ago)
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    1 review »
    Setting up the appointment could have been easier but the registration on their scheduling page makes you wait for a response from them. They don't answer the phone like ... Read more
  • VIP Spa
    VIP Spa got a review! (1 year 29 weeks ago)
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    11 reviews »
    Been here multiple times and always was pleased, that is no longer the case. This is a legit establishment now. Read more
  • Better Bliss Massage Reflexology
    Better Bliss Massage Reflexology got a review! (1 year 41 weeks ago)
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    2 reviews »
    Just massage, though it is a suggestive experience, maybe a lot of money and or more visits regularly could lead to more. Decent enough massage, seem to be skilled, but ... Read more
  • Practical Massage Therapy
    Practical Massage Therapy profile was posted! (2 years 29 weeks ago)
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    0 reviews »
  • Rainbow Spa
    Rainbow Spa profile was updated! (3 years 25 weeks ago)
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    1 review »

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