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  • My Relaxation Oasis
    My Relaxation Oasis got a review! (1 week 6 days ago)
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    Went to check this place out and was surprised on two fronts... The massage was fantastic performed by an older Asian female who seemed very excited and ready to please. ... Read more
  • Busty Girl Massage
    Busty Girl Massage posted an ad! (17 weeks 4 days ago)
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    Busty & Cute Ebony Masseuse (38D) Professional Massage Table Private Clean & Safe Home Studio Unscented Body Cream No Nonsense, No Upselling 30-Minute Massages ... Read more
  • Water Street Massage & Spa
    Water Street Massage & Spa got a review! (22 weeks 3 days ago)
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    Very easy to set up. Very nice upscale downtown location in safe area. Lashonda was awesome. Very easy on the eyes. Read more
  • Eastern Massage
    Eastern Massage got a review! (34 weeks 4 days ago)
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    Gotta love the massage. I prefer the half hour treatment. Your choice of hard, medium or soft massage. Therapists vary depending on day, but all are fair to decent ... Read more
  • Beijing Foot & Body Massage
    Beijing Foot & Body Massage got a review! (34 weeks 5 days ago)
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    Did a walk in, on a whim. It was a bit expensive, and the staff was unattractive. Opted for a half hour, on the hopes that the massuese was a bit nicer ... Read more
  • Club Rub U.S.A.
    Club Rub U.S.A. got a review! (1 year 44 weeks ago)
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    I booked an appointment which was easy. I had to think of something good to say, so that was it! Location was in a cheap motel room by the airport. Read more Read more
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